Friday, February 29, 2008

Clown Shoes

Okay, I'm all about fashion forward designs but Prada's Spring 2008 shoe collection is just hideous.
The label has always been sophisticated, but with a slight edge and bohemian undertone. It was the successful marriage of a boardroom executive to a Stevie Nicks impersonator. What happened?
The '08 ready-to-wear collection makes their mark, but I can't even pretend to admire the footwear line...heck, I can barely scan over the hideous images on my computer screen. I mean, there's almost a Teva thing going on in more than one pair.
If you refer to page 30 of the March 3rd issue of Star magazine (in which I'm sure you all subscribe) you will see I am not alone in my condemnation of these shoes. Star puts Angie Harmon on the issue's worst dressed list. And what, may I ask, does she have on her feet?
Did MiuMiu have a full-on fashion meltdown? Are we rationing aesthetically pleasing designs in this time of war? I'm sure the quality and craftsmanship of the product is still superb. I bet their price tag is still solid gold. So what's the deal? I blame Bush for this. Somehow it's his fault.
Below is the disaster that is Prada Footwear, Spring 2008. Brace yourself!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Has Sprung at Carriage House

The freezing sleet on my car windshield this evening might say otherwise, but bright, sunny days are just around the corner. Officially, we're a few weeks away from spring, but at Carriage House it's already in full swing.
The entire store has exploded with color.
We have the newest designs from Diane vonFurstenberg, who has re-released several of her original fabric patterns with her "Vintage" collection. These limited-edition pieces are only available this spring and at select retailers (C.H. being one of the few) so catch them while you can!
Other dress collections lining our racks include Nicole Miller, Milly, Chetta B and Trina Turk, to name a few. We also have new arrivals from Nanette Lepore, Ella Moss, Vince, Velvet, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Michael Stars (tees & dresses) and many, many more.
If you're looking for jeans we have new cuts and washes from 7 for all Mankind, Aristocrat and Rich & Skinny, the hottest jean in L.A. right now. And still to come is our newest addition, Rag & Bone.
Stop by. We're at 115 Johnston St. SE in downtown Decatur. You won't be disappointed.

Save the Date
Need a dress or outfit for any of these upcoming events? I can help!

Sat. March 8th: PACT Ball
Sun. March 23rd: Easter
Fri. May 2nd: Vintage Princess
Sat. May 3rd: Hospice of the Valley Garden Party
Wedding Season
Spring/Summer Vacation

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jazz at its Best

Last night Carl and I had a date at the Princess Theatre. Jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves performed and she was truly one of the most amazing acts I've ever seen. Her voice almost brought me to tears.

Reeves performed her own originals, as well as old favorites like "One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)," a song popularized by Frank Sinatra, and "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" by The Temptations. Her improvisational skills are unmatched by anyone I've ever seen. She effortlessly inserted lyrics into her songs about being in Decatur and her delicious dinner at Curry's restaurant.

Reeves is a four-time Grammy winner, one of which she won in 2006 for best movie soundtrack for the film "Good Night and Good Luck," directed by George Clooney. She also performed in the film and last night told the audience a little about this experience...especially the part about working on set with Clooney.

Hopefully she'll be back soon and if she is Carl and I both recommend you see her perform.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Words a Fashionista NEVER Wants to Hear...Or Does She?

"You need to wear more sensible shoes." This is no joke. This phrase was actually uttered to me, and by my doctor, no less.

Starting from the back may have been giving me a little trouble and I might have previously been diagnosed with a slight case of scoliosis. Surely she's not implying I toss out my favorite Claudia Ciuti two-tone, patent leather booties. No, she wants me to "mix it up" and create a "two inches or less" category to my shoe closet. What a smart doctor. A prescription to buy new shoes. This is the most ingenious thing I've ever strutted across.

So here are my favorite spring shoes that stand two inches or less. You can't pass them up...they're doctor prescribed!

BCBG Max Azria Thong Sandal

Anne Klein Thong Wedge Sandal
Chloe Two Strap Sandal

Pedro Garcia Python Flat

Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flat

Valentino Thong Sandal

Yves Saint Laurent St. Tropez Gladiator Thong Sandal

Obviously the following don't fall into the "two inches or less" category but man they are fabulous!!!

Manolo Blahnik Feather Trim d'Orsay

Gucci Grace High Heel Sandal

Marc Jacobs Patent Pump

Friday, February 22, 2008

I Broke My Lenten Promise...


God was probably not very proud of me yesterday.

As I killed time perusing the aisles at Lowe's I stumbled across a great looking, reasonably priced, jute rug. Now several rooms in our home are in need of a rug, we're just waiting to come across the perfect one for each space...that and a windfall of money. Well, one of the aforementioned rooms that desperately needs a floor covering is Carl's "man room" or his "ESPN Room" as he named it. Just like the name suggests, the room is very casual, very sporty, very leather theater seating and flat panel-esque. This sturdy jute rug would fit in perfectly and it wasn't of a quality where I'd mind if the puppies wollered on it.

I dialed friend and interior designer Marianna to get her opinion. Shoot, she didn't have her phone with her. What should I do? I gave up shopping for Lent. Why the heck was I looking at rugs? What was I even doing at Lowe's? What am I, some sort of retail masochist?

The next thing I knew the rug was in my trunk and I was en route to our house. It all happened very quickly. The time period between Lowe's aisle 13 and my front door is all very hazy. I totally believe I was in a full on blackout.

Once inside my home I started getting a major case of the guilts. First, I wasn't even supposed to be shopping. Second, the rug was for Carl's room, shouldn't he at least get to see and vote on it before it's spread out on the ESPN room's floor? I mean he did agree to me redecorating every other room in the house to my liking and his only request was that he got one room - and here I am taking over his only room. How inconsiderate am I?

Two hours later the rug was back on the shelf at Lowe's. I bet Carl would be proud of me...if he even knew about it. The fact that the rug was way too small for the room made it a little easier to return.

Now I'm really not sure how this happened, but somehow during my return trip to the hardware Mecca, enough wood blinds for our master and guest bedrooms ended up in my trunk.

Absentee Blogger

Oh my goodness I haven't blogged in days! I do have a good excuse...I've been sick with whatever crud that's been going around. Yuck! Glad to be feeling (almost) back to normal. Anywho, there haven't been too many developments in the lives of the Cole family this week.

Thursday night Carl's basketball team, Central United Methodist, challenged First United Methodist and won! The teams squared off twice previously and First beat us both times. Well, Central was ready last night and we were victorious! Carl played great, racking up the points and playing fiercely on defense. I must say it was one of the most intense church-league games I've witnessed, as Carl almost lost an eye and members of both teams were badly scratched and bruised. Hopefully there will be no hard feelings...I mean it is church league! We did, however, learn that technical fouls cost $10 each.

Reminder: tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. is the Dianne Reeves concert at the Princess Theatre. Following the performance you'll have the opportunity to meet the Grammy-winning jazz vocalist at an artist reception held in the Sexton Lobby of the theatre. If you haven't already purchased tickets be sure to snap them up now. You can purchase them online or by calling the box office at 256.340.1778. We hope to see you there.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Date Night Idea

Dianne Reeves, Grammy winner for Best Jazz Vocal
will perform Sat., Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m.
at Decatur's Historic Princess Theatre.
Tickets are still available. We hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Puppy Love

It appears the pups are partial to their pop.
I'm a little jealous!
(Maxwell did dress up in his preppy puppy polo just for me though)

Exciting, Long Weekend

We've had a very exciting, long weekend! It started Thursday with Valentine's Day. I ate lunch with my pals Liz and Cookie at Backe Door Gourmet. Cookie surprised me with a valentine I've been lusting after...Laura Mercier Bare Beige Glace lipgloss. It's Cookie's signature shade and I've been wanting it for a while. I even scribbled the color down on a napkin and placed it in my planner for the week after Easter so I could purchase it as soon as I could shop again. She knew this and being the dear that she is, got one for me. Thanks Cookie! I'm so excited about it and have been applying it constantly!

That evening Carl took me out for a romantic dinner at our favorite local eatery, Simp McGhee's. Afterwards, we moved on to Cafe 113 for cosmos and to listen to the acoustic tunes of Tim Tucker. Tim is a great friend of ours who plays solo, as well as with his bands, Tim Tucker and the Uh Huhs and the Cheesebrokers. It was a special first Valentine's Day as a married couple.

Saturday evening Carl participated in a charity basketball game for Habitat for Humanity of Morgan County. Carl and several other locals (including friend and college basketball player, Ryan O'Dea) went head-to-head against the Harlem Ambassadors. It was quite a show. If you've ever been to a Globetrotters game it was very similar! Lots of acting, theatrics and games, little actual basketball play. While the Habitat Home Team didn't win, they sure put up a good fight! Following are a few photos from Carl's game.

And to wrap up our fun-filled weekend...TODAY IS OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! We brunched with my parents to celebrate and are basically spending the rest of the afternoon like we would any other Sunday...lazily. We do have our top layer of wedding cake that we'll enjoy with dinner. I'm voting for our!


Thursday, February 14, 2008




Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Must Read!

I recently blogged briefly about a fabulous book I found at The Paper Chase. It's titled "This Little Piggy Went To Prada" and is a must-have for all new moms and fashionistas alike. It puts a modern, fashionable spin on classic nursery rhymes.

Example: "Eenie Meanie"

Daddy sweetie, Don't say 'no',

Buy an Aston at the show,

If it hurts, the Rolls can go,

Mummy wants a Vantage so.

Too cute! As the author, Amy Allen, puts it herself: It's "nursery rhymes for the Blahnik brigade."


After a hard day at work...8 hours on 4 inch heels is hard...I arrived home and spotted a tiny box on my front porch. Now, I knew I hadn't ordered anything recently, as I've given up shopping for Lent. Had I ordered something a while ago, it been on back order and I forgotten about it? Nope. What could it be?

And what to my wondering eyes did appear? A UPS box filled with Bug Catcherz gear!

The awesome Karen Carter, executive vice president of Bug Catcherz, had sent me a care package straight from the company's hive. It was filled with "No See 'Ems," revolutionary blouse front closures, "No See 'Ems Too," hold-in-place adhesive strips, and "BUTTerflies," hold-in-place adhesive dots. The package even contained a tiny, plastic bug just for fun!
The idea behind Bug Catcherz? This company wants to know what "bugs" women. They'll catch and fix it! "We eliminate annoying problems that bug women," reads their website. No word yet if they have a product that puts the toilet seat down when your husband forgets. :)

Thanks Karen, I can't wait to try out all these great products.
To be continued...

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ultimate Sacrifice

"It's been 7 hours and 16 days..." Well, not really but it feels like it!

Lent arrived last week with Ash Wednesday. I always try to give up something and this year it was shopping AND wine...two of my favorite things. This proves extra hard because our spring collections are pouring in to Carriage House daily and they are to die for! Normally when I can't shop I drown my sorrows in a glass of wine...and guess what, I can't do that either. Plus, our Frank Family chardonnay is getting low and I can't shop so I can't replenish the supply. I'm in a religious and moral cul-de-sac. What's a girl to do? Suck it up I suppose. So the count down begins until I can shop and drink wine again...I guess the shopping will be online so I can do both at the same time. Let me know if any of you sacrificed something for Lent. I'm totally interested in starting a support group!

P.S. just because I can't purchase the next hot-to-trot thing doesn't mean I won't be searching for stay tuned.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Recommended Product

So someone posted a message to my blog that I needed to try Bugcatcherz. Actually they called my Hollywood Fashion Tape "crap" and said this stuff is way better. Well, I didn't much appreciate the "crap" comment because I love my fashion tape. But I'm always willing to try new products in search of the Best of the Best! So according to the anonymous poster, these babies are fabulous. I'm ordering some as soon as Lent is over. (Some of you may know I've given up shopping for Lent, more on this ultimate sacrifice later!). Please comment if you've tried Bugcatcherz and let me know how you like them.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fabulous Find

Rush to your local Walgreens store and get their Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray. It's pen-size so it fits neatly in your purse or child's backpack but each one packs over 150 sprays. Plus, it's loaded with Aloe and Vitamin E so while it kills 99% of the germs it won't dry out your hands.

Friday, February 8, 2008

New Shanghai Circus at the Princess

Thursday night my Mom, Dad and Gram joined me for a night at the Princess. Carl had basketball practice and couldn't attend. Well, if you weren't there you missed out. The New Shanghai Circus performed and they were amazing! All I have to say is I left wanting to join a yoga class. Those girls could contort their bodies into positions that pained me (yes, the girl above really performed this move). I'm telling you...check it out if they're ever in your neighborhood. Oh, and it was a sell-out for the Princess!

And for those of you who aren't familiar with the Princess Theatre Center for the Performing Arts. Below is a photo of the beautiful and historic building. Now you'll know what I'm writing about! :)

Carl (secretly) Hearts our Blog

Carl has been a little hesitant about this whole blog thing. He wonders why we would ever want to publish our thoughts, photos and information on the Internet. I guess it's the cautious attorney in him. Well, yesterday Carl decided to embrace the blog {kind of} and write his very own post. While it is short, it is certainly from his heart. So be sure to comment on his post {except for all you Carolina fans. :)} And might I add...GO BLUE DEVILS!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Buffett & Maxwell Visit Dad at Work

Carl worked a little late tonight and the boys were missing their dad so I took them up to his office for a visit. Here are a few pics from their field trip.
(Maxwell advises Dad on his cases; Buffett is excited about visiting him at work)


Nanette Leopore...Lafayette 148...Rene Lezard... Michael Stars...Nicole Miller...Cynthia Steffe...Kay Unger...David Meister...Magaschoni...Jon...and More!!!
The bi-annual $99 sale at Carriage House starts tomorrow! Don't miss out!
Prices on all fall and winter merchandise start at $10 and NOTHING IS OVER $99.

Don't Forget


Sunday, February 3, 2008

What's More Super than the Super Bowl?

Puppy Bowl IV on Animal Planet,
that's what!

Basically, the most precious puppies you'll ever see tackle each other on a miniature football field. It's way more entertaining than any old Super Bowl. And if they have an accident on the field they call a "Time Oust" and the ref. comes out, cleans up the mess and sprays Oust air freshener. It's really too cute. One pup is even named Mrs. Roper...really! Forget Tom Pettey, this show's half-time performers are the Kitty Cuties. And you can even vote for Most Valuable Puppy. Tucker was Maxwell's choice, Dixie was Buffett's. Here are a few shots of our MVPs post-game.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fabulous Finds and Gorgeous To-Die-For Stuff

CREED Spring Flower Perfume
This is a light, playful fragrance created for Audrey Hepburn by Master Perfumer Olivier Creed. I promise you'll want to bathe in the stuff! Available at Neiman Marcus.

Guerlain Terracotta Spray
Keep your tan all winter long with this light, shimmery spray-on bronzer. Available at Sephora.

Around for ages (your grandmother probably used it), this is a necessity in every girl's makeup bag. It's perfect for chapped hands and lips and even works wonders on blemishes. Available at Sephora.

Tide To-Go Pen
You must, must, must have one in your handbag. It has gotten me out of many ink, food and wine-related mishaps. Available at Walgreens and other drugstores.

Douthit is a Decatur native and an amazing artist. His invitations and stationery are the creme de la creme and he now has a more affordable line of boxed cards. Available at The Paper Chase.

Perfect to secure bra straps, low-cut blouses and even slingback heels. Available at Carriage House.

Miss Oops Sponges
If you're like me you're constantly getting deodorant and powder marks on your tops. This little sponge removes smudges completely. Available at Carriage House.

Jan Barboglio Home Accents
When you say "gorgeous, to-die-for stuff," this is the stuff you should be talking about. Her home accents and interiors are literally...well, gorgeous and to-die-for! I received one of her blessing crosses for Christmas and just adore it. Available at Carriage House.

Her necklaces make a statement but in a dainty, understated way. They are everyday wearable. Available at Carriage House.

Band-Aid Blister Block
If your Manolos, Choos and Louboutins are killing your feet this little remedy is a Godsend. Rub a small amount on trouble areas before you leave the house and you can be on your feet all day long worryfree. Available at Walgreens and other drugstores.

Works like magic at removing red wine stains and has the most delicious citrus scent. We discovered it on our honeymoon in Napa and have been hooked since. They even make a mini size perfect for your purse. Available online at Wine Away.

F.Y.I.: If you're looking for any of the above items that are available at Carriage House I can help...we're located at 115 Johnston St. SE Decatur, AL 35601. Or, call us at (256) 355.4349.