Thursday, October 9, 2008

As seen in The Decatur Daily: 09.30.2008

On the Fashion Radar with Kate Cole: Tues. Sept. 30, 2008

A Clutch is Worth a Thousand “Wows”

I am a firm believer that the key to dressing chic every day lies in a single piece that pulls an outfit together and finishes it. This piece is the “wow” factor and it is the reason two women wearing very similar clothes can look completely different – one far better than the other. Be it a belt, shoe, scarf, necklace or handbag, the “wow” piece takes an ordinary outfit to a whole new level.

This season a “wow” piece you must have in your possession is a clutch handbag.

Forget what you ever thought you knew about clutches – especially if you thought they were evening appropriate only. This season clutches are not only daytime ready, but are delicately tailored, intricately detailed and lavishly adorned. They almost resemble pieces of jewelry…except these bobbles store your lipstick, cell phone and credit card and are perfect companions to the grocery store.

Two designers have outshined the rest and mastered the art of concocting the perfect any time clutch – Rebecca Norman and Lauren Merkin.

Each has her own recipe that mixes casual, distressed leather with delicate beadwork or dressier, pearlized leather with a bohemian, brass wrist strap. Their designs are the perfect marriage of daytime casual and cocktail chic – they are the perfect “wow” to any outfit.

Find Rebecca Norman and Lauren Merkin clutches at Carriage House, 115 Johnston St. S.E. in downtown Decatur.

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