Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obsession of the Moment

I'M OBSESSED WITH: "Suzi Says Da!"

Right now this is my favorite nail lacquer. It's from O.P.I.'s Russian Collection and is a deep, intense red that looks HOT, HOT, HOT on tips and toes this cold-weather season.

O.P.I. always has the most wonderful lacquers and most original names. A few on my top 10 list include "Lincoln Park After Dark" (my favorite until Da! was introduced), "Dress to Empress," "Queen of D'nile," and "Espresso Your Style." Check out O.P.I. online and discover your favorite shade.

Lazy Sundays are the Best!

I've written before about our Sunday ritual...basically we laze around, watch whatever cheesy movies are on TV and eat junk food. It's our one day of the week we can just relax. Well, this week we sort of started "Lazy Sunday" a little early. We had plans Saturday night to attend Decatur Cotillion Club's TOTALLY 80's PARTY! Instead we were bums and just relaxed. But I can't wait to hear about the party from everyone.

The puppies sure did enjoy our time at home. Buffett didn't leave our side. He's a big cuddler. (Notice the Lay's chips in the above background...ha!
Always part of Lazy Sundays!). Maxwell wanted to play constantly. He never tired. If you have a Yorkie you know what I mean. (Yes, I know he is in desperate need of grooming. He has an upcoming appointment). And Carl and I enjoyed our downtime napping, snoozing and sleeping. Perfection!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Since I frequently come across new and interesting products I thought I'd share a few of the most delicious with you. In "ITEM OF THE WEEK" I'll feature my favorite thing(s) at that moment. This week I'm addicted to:

This really isn't a new found product because I've been using it for years. But it is definitely the best hand cream around. I have searched for another lotion that moisturizes as well as that leaves your hands as velvety soft with no greasy feel. I have yet to find even a close match. It's concocted of Dead Sea derivatives and is appropriate for ALL skin types. Find Ahava Mineral Hand Cream and many other Ahava products at Carriage House (256.355.4349).

Date Night

Tonight we had a little date night at the Princess Theatre. The Del McCoury Band performed and they were fabulous. We are now officially bluegrass fans. Ashley and Charlie Ashwander and Marianna and Ryan O'Dea also came out and joined in on the fun.
It was great. The show was completely sold out and die-hard bluegrass fans were shouting song requests to the band. We didn't know too many of the songs they played but enjoyed all of them. We also learned that the core band members were born in York, PA, the same town in which my dad was born.
Artist Sloane Bibb also designed an original silk-screen concert poster, all of which were signed and numbered. Proceeds benefit the Princess and its arts education program. Several are still available at $30 each. The Cole family opted against a poster because "we have no blank wall space," but I'm still working on getting the go-ahead to buy one.
Anyway, if the Del McCoury Band is coming to your area please check them out. You won't regret it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Here's to Another Great Year!

First, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Jennie-Marie. Friday was her birthday...tomorrow is mine. So tonight we celebrated with the girls with dinner at Panera. It was my first time to dine there and it was delish! At first I panicked because they were out of bread bowls but I'm now glad they were. I tried some chicken/mozzarella/focaccia bread thing. It's my new favorite sandwich. I'm pretty sure I'll be back there tomorrow for a repeat.

But what was even MORE delish than the sandwich was my birthday gift from Carl. He gave it to me a day early and it is FABULOUS! He surprised me with a Mere bag. I've been wanting the "Two-Timer" but didn't expect to get one for my b'day. In case you're unfamiliar, Mere is my life-long, dear friend Meredith Leach. She's a fabulous interior designer in Washington D.C. and recently launched her first collection of handbags. The leather is butter-soft and the design is so inventive. (A small clutch attaches to the outside of the large tote so you have a smaller purse option for after work dinner or drinks. GENIUS!)

Check out my delicious new bag below. THANK YOU CARL...YOU'RE THE BEST!

Me with my fab. new Mere Bag

The "Two-Timer" in Caramel
The clutch that attaches to the exterior of the large tote

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's COLD Outside...

...but I'm ready for HOT spring fashion!!!

Friday Carriage House hosted a Lafayette 148 trunk show featuring their lucious resort, spring and summer collections. It made me long for warm weather, bare legs, short skirts and patio dresses. So here are a few things to expect this warm weather season.


Absent from the fashion scene for close to a decade, navy is back. In fact, it's so back you can consider it "the new black." And unlike many other colors, almost everyone looks fabulous in navy. Pairing it with crisp white makes for a nice combo but beware, it can easily look "sailorish." Make sure you keep it feminine. Opt for a flouncy or tulip skirt rather than high-waisted pants.

Popular this fall and winter, metallic is still hot for spring and summer. It can easily dress up the most casual of outfits.

Typically leather and suede are strictly cool-weather fabrics but this year designers have used them in their spring and summer collections. They're just keeping it lightweight. We're seeing lots of laser-cut skirts and jackets in metallic and bright, punchy colors.


Skirts are everywhere and no single style dominates. From A-line to boot styles, and minis to maxis. No other garmet screams femininity quite like a skirt (well, except maybe a dress). And get excited, many have pockets and waist detail like sashes and ties.


Low rise has dominated the industry for years. It's time for change. Designers are cutting trousers, jeans and skirts higher...THANK GOODNESS! It's time ladies showed off their trim waistlines and this silhouette can do it.

You'll see lots of tribal influences with bold patterns, bright color stories and intricate beading. It's very exciting. Designers have mastered the art of merging African and Indian concepts with ladylike simplicity.

Lightweight, cotton and ankle-length, patio dresses are perfect for a Sunday brunch, Bunko with friends and even a trip to the grocery...depending, of course, on how dressy the piece is.

Think candy store. Bright pinks, greens, corals and ESPECIALLY YELLOWS are back and it's a nice change from the dull grays that are so popular at the moment. The front room of Carriage House looks like Kool-Aid packets exploded!

Some Favorite Pics From Recent Events

Sue Ellen Penley, Kate Vickery, Marianna O'Dea, Ashley Ashwander, Jenny Roby, Carrie Hart, Kate Cole, Mary Ila Heard, Margaret Pettey

Mom & Me

Carl & Kate

Kate & Sue Ellen

Marianna & Kate
Carlton, Jennie-Marie, Carl & Kate
Carl & Kate
Kate & Maxwell (in his bumblebee costume)
Maxwell & Carl

Saturday, January 19, 2008

You're Invited

Thurs. Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. singer, songwriter and Grammy-winner Jesse Harris is performing at Decatur's historic Princess Theatre. Harris has written songs for Willie Nelson, Norah Jones and other famous artists. Prior to the show, all those attending are invited to a pre-show event at our house for some good food and spirits. The pre-show will begin around 5:30 and then we'll head off to the theatre at around 6:45. So mark your calendars and get your tickets today! For more information visit The Princess Theatre online.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Political Humor Good for the Soul

Friday we had a little date night and went to see "Capitol Steps" at The Princess Theatre. We've seen it before, but this year was the best. If you've never experienced it we highly encourage you to find the show nearest you. If you're unfamiliar, it's political humor at its best. And with the presidential election nearing they've pulled out all the stops. Their acts are very current, updated based on the scandal of the day. Check out their tour schedule and listen to clips from their show at Capitol Steps online.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Few of our Favorite Things

Just to share a little bit about us, below is a list of goods, products, activities, places, organizations, websites, etc. that we love. Many are old favorites, some are newly found treasures but we highly recommend each one. We hope you find them as great as we do.

(Clearly some of these are more Kate favorites than Carl favorites and vice verse. Obviously, I adore our leopard-print sofa and Lancome mascara more than he does!)

Our leopard-print sofa

Most of you know we've been renovating, remodeling and revamping our home. It looks great (thanks mostly to interior designer Marianna O'Dea who has been the biggest help)! I'm not sure Carl knew what he was getting into when he agreed to take on this project. But now that it's mostly finished I think he likes it. My favorite piece is the Victorian-style sofa Carl's step-mom, Carol, gave him that we reupholstered in a fabulous leopard-print. The wood-work is beautiful. If our house were to catch fire, after getting all living creatures safely outside it would be the first thing I'd try to drag out of here.

Lazy Sundays
These are our days to just relax and unwind. We pretty much spend the day watching cheesy movies and eating good 'ole greasy fast food. It's good for the soul!

Helluvagood French Onion Dip
This is Carl's favorite snack. I'm not much of a French onion fan but apparently it's the best. All I know is you can smell it from the sidewalk, but he swears by it.

It is Creme Brulee in a bottle. We first tried it at a wine tasting at Cafe 113. Then on our honeymoon we visited the actual vineyard in Napa and fell in love with it all over again. Even if you're not a chardonnay fan, we normally aren't, you'll love this. It is our absolute favorite and we always try to keep a supply on hand.

Jones Soda

Carl recently introduced me to Jones Soda. The flavors are delicious and what a cool company. The labels feature photographs submitted by fans of the drinks. Anyone can send in as many pics as they want. If they like your photo they'll put it on their bottles. I'm trying to get Carl to send in a few of his.

How would we know Unfitney's every move without him? He takes you to the front lines of Hollywood gossip and unlike MSNBC and other news sources, Perez doesn't have (choose) to comply with certain ethical guidelines that restrict other press from giving us the whole "truth."

Based in Brooklyn, NY, this homegrown company started by printing hooded sweatshirts featuring the names of all the different neighborhoods in the NYC area so residents could "represent" their 'hood. Now you can have anything under the sun printed so you can express yourself. In addition to hoodies, they have tees, hats, bags, dresses, underwear and doggie couture. Maxwell has his very own Neighborhoodie. (P.S. this couple was featured on as Neighborhoodie of the cool, huh?!?)

Lancome Mascara


This is the best of the best when it comes to mascara. Don't listen if someone tells you otherwise. If you combine their Fatale and L'Extreme (in that order) I swear your lashes look four inches long.

This is our favorite meal. I'm not sure Mellow Mushroom in Auburn can be beat but we're willing to taste test if you have any suggestions.

Fri. @ 5

The Carnegie Visual Arts Center hosts Fri. @ 5 the third Friday of every month from 5 to 7 p.m. Basically, it's a great time to mingle with friends, enjoy good food and spirits and view the current exhibit. There's no charge for those who are members of the Carnegie and only a $15 donation asked of guests. It's open to everyone 21 and older. We highly recommend you check it out!

Princess Theatre Professional Series
The Princess always brings a variety of performances and they never disappoint!
2008 Season:
Fri. Jan. 25; 7:30 p.m.: Del McCoury Band
Thurs. Jan. 31; 7 p.m.: Jesse Harris (join us for a pre-show gathering at our house if you decide to attend)
Thurs. Feb. 7; 7 p.m.: New Shanghai Circus
Sat. Feb. 23; 7:30 p.m.: Dianne Reeves
Tues. Mar. 11; 7:30 p.m.: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
For more info check The Princess online.

Duke Basketball

Carl's #1 favorite! Go Blue Devils!

Auburn University
Kate's alma mater

Troy University
Carl's alma mater


This is the makeup Mecca. They have hundreds of brands. You can find rare products and expert recommendations. Plus you get free shipping on most orders and FREE SAMPLES with every order!!!

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Today is one of those days in Decatur, AL. Thunderstorms...High Winds...Tornados...and the puppies are not amused. You can see the displeasure (read: fear and a little boredom) on their faces. I couldn't even get them to play with their toys. I tried to cheer them up with a few M&Ms but once I ran out their cheerful moods turned blue again.

Buffett does not like the thunder. He misses Dad.

Maxwell does not like being indoors all day.

Neither like their toys right now.

Honeymoon Pics

Many of you know what a great photographer Carl is. Below is a preview of a few of the amazing shots he took during our honeymoon. I think you'll be impressed.

San Fransisco Sunset

Wine Barrels in Napa Valley

Napa Valley Vineyard

Vineyard in Napa Valley


Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas Sunset

Carl and Kate (Carl obviously didn't take this one but I wanted to include one of us on the honeymoon)