Friday, January 9, 2009

11 things I learned in 2008

1. You really have to start working on your Christmas cards in July to get them out on time. Ours are coming...but they might arrive as Valentine's Day greetings.

2. Part of being an adult means accepting that a few of your dearest friends will move away. We miss you O'Deas and Parsons...we still miss you Ross'.

3. Santa Claus sure seems to freak out a lot of kids. Maybe it's time to elect a new mascot. I'm voting for the Christmas snail. He's tardy by nature so it's okay if all your gifts aren't purchased by the 25th or if your cards don't go out until March.

4. There are going to be some people who, for no reason, just aren't going to like you - and that's okay.

5. Fashion trends and economic trends are polar opposites. Bad economy = luxury fashion. If this rule remains for spring things are looking up (despite what all those professional news people are saying on TV). Styles are a little more bohemian, minimalist and "green." So help boost our economy and invest now! (Side note: Although I'm very confident in my statements you should really consult your financial advisor before acting on my advice, as my degree is in apparel merchandising/design and I have no business telling people how to invest their money. But I'm pretty sure I'm right.)

6. Your metabolism can start to slow and wrinkles start to form as early as your 28th year. It just gets harder and more expensive from here.

7. The key to dressing well every day lies in that third piece. For more information invite me into your closet for a personal wardrobe consultation.

8. It's a lot more fun staying in and watching a movie with your husband and two pups than it is to go out on the town. But the occasional night out is important to keep in your routine just to mix things up.

9. As much as I'd try to deny it, I'm a little bit competitive. And that's not necessarily a bad thing - as we pat ourselves on the back for our second place door decoration win in the Albany Historic District Christmas Tour. (The win and credit really go to Marianna O'Dea who designed our door. Thanks Marianna! Same time next year? We're going for numero uno in 2009!)

10. No one ever really talks about vanilla. If you want to be interesting while you're here and remembered when you're gone you have to be a little quirky, a little eccentric and a little different.

11. If no one is talking about you, critiquing you, or challenging you then you're not making a difference.


Marianna said...

We miss you guys too!! Call me soon - I have an idea for the DR Curtains...

Sunny said...
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TheMom said...

Good to see you back in blog!
Hope y'all come home soon; the Christmas Snail (great idea) left gifts at MeMe's! The door looks great!

Ashley said...

Kate! I loved this. I sure miss you and Carl even though we live in the same city. You need to give me a call, I have news for you.
Ashley B.

Anonymous said...

Kate, we really miss you guys and talk about you often. I hope you are doing well and enjoyed the holiday. Let's catch up soon!!
Oh...and I can totally identify with the 11 lessons in 2008!!!