Sunday, April 5, 2009


High Speed Dirt is strong at the plate, but may need some help on the mound.

High Speed DirtActives
1B RHoward Phi (Z 2.00)
2B MFontenot ChC (B .10)
SS BRyan StL (B .10)
3B MReynolds Ari (C 1.00)
C1 DWright NYM (B 4.70)
UT1 IStewart Col (B 1.00)
UT2 DLee ChC (A 2.80)
MI LRodriguez SD (A .10)
OF JHairston Cin (B .60)
OF CBeltran NYM (B 3.30)
OF JBruce Cin (B 1.00)
OF MCameron Mil (B 1.10)
OF HPence Hou (C 1.00)
C RPaulino Fla (A .20)
C DRoss Atl (A .10)
P CHamels Phi (Z 1.50)
P PMaholm Pit (B .10)
P SMarshall ChC (B .60)
P YGallardo Mil (C 1.00)
P BWebb Ari (A 3.40)
P SMartis Was (A .20)
P JAffeldt SF (A .10)
P DCabrera Was (A .20)
P CMeredith SD (A .10)
P THoffman Mil (A 1.70)

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Anonymous said...

A baseball list??? This is all I get? I want blogging and pictures!!! Love, Mom/Gayla